Quality Assurance and Security

CVSO Mail Management possesses a high level of organisational excellence and compliance throughout the organisation.

We pride ourselves on our systematic and thorough approach to processing campaigns whilst having all the necessary technological capability in ensuring that sensitive data is secure and handled in accordance with data privacy legislation.

Customer Service & Account Management

At CVSO Mail Management, focussing on customer needs is paramount to our business.

Our clients can expect a high level of service given the use of best of breed technology that intrinsically provides for quicker and more accountable response.

Offline & Online Capabilities

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, it is important that organisations choose a partner that is able to guide and facilitate their communication needs across both traditional offline channels like print and mail and the latest online technologies.

CVSO Mail Management assists its clients communicate in context and provide relevant communication by delivering pertinent and highly personalised messages across various channels.

Enterprise Grade Production

Having heavily invested in the latest leading edge software and machinery technologies, we are able to handle almost any communication requirement conceivable across a variety of industry sectors.

Our high volume mail processing and digital printing equipment coupled with the latest best of breed software used amongst world leading companies, ensures we are more than capable in handling the most complex and high volume campaign.

Service Level Agreement Compliance and Reporting

Many organisations that have ongoing campaigns that are essential to their communication requirements. These require a high level of reporting and reconciliation to ensure that intended services and solutions are undertaken in accordance with pre determined business rules and timeframes.

Melbourne Mail Management offers Service Level Agreements that identify and measure such requirements thus offering our clients a high degree of accountability and compliance.

Single Platform

The underlying advantage in using a single provider for an organisation’s chosen marketing and financial communication requirements, lies in the many benefits associated with implementing a consolidated and coordinated approach.

Many organisations have needs and requirements that are characteristic of the industry to which they belong.

Our presence and experience in a number of industry segments, enables us to respond to the latest trends and developments thus offering our clients an array of services and solutions that can be tailored relative to their specific industry and/or organisational requirement.

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