Serviced Offices and Co-Working Property decisions are often based merely on the look and feel of a space. The convergence of the technologies over the last few years and our reliance on Cloud and other Internet resources has made it particularly important to ask simple IT questions before you select a:

      1. Serviced Office
      2. Collaborative space or
      3. Co-Working space.

Here are some the key questions to consider:

        1. Is a Business Grade Internet service provided in the office? Don’t take their word but ask for details.
        2. Is there a backup/ redundant service should there be a failure, with automatic failover? Each of the services should come from two different exchanges.
        3. Is there an in-house IT department and staffing, or is this left to an external company only, or even worse, an overseas helpdesk?
        4. Is there an in-house IT department to help setup your phones to take advantage of other unified messaging efficiencies?
        5. Are you going to be charged for excess usage?
        6. Will your speed be reduced if you exceed your data allowance?
        7. Is there Business Grade Wi-Fi? This means technology such as Aruba or Ubiqiti and not domestic grade Wi-Fi access points that regularly freeze. Can the Wireless infrastructure support multiple tenants over one access point and ensure privacy and security between tenants?
        8. How secure is your connection?
        9. Is there a facility which allows you to securely print to a business grade printer? Is there secure printing whereby the documents sit encrypted on a server until you are at any of the printing machines, ready to retrieve your document?
        10. Are you able to print from mobile devices?

In identifying why people move space, their reasons often relate to:

          1. The instability of the network provided.
          2. Total lack of support available to solve or to expand their infrastructure.

Do yourself a favour and ask these questions before you move

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